The Majer beers
Subtle bright Kellerbier of gold, slightly cloudy colour. It is a mixture of 4 different yet perfectly matched malts of barley. This is a relatively light beer with an 11.8% extract and only 4.3% alcohol content. It has a delicate flavour, a little sweet, a little sour, after heating you can taste the hint of flowers.
  • Ekstrakt: 11,8 % wag.
  • Słód: Pilzeński, Wiedeński, Carahell, Carapils
  • Chmiel: Marynka, Hallertauer tradition
  • Drożdże: W 34/70
  • Metoda warzenia: piwo dolnej fermentacji
Dry Schwarzbier is a beer that offers exceptional aroma and taste values. A bouquet of fragrance develops slowly in it, revealing shades of freshly ground coffee with chocolate, enhanced with a touch of caramel and the sweetness of roasted barley. Majer Schwarzbier is a mixture of up to 7 different types of malts of barley, including smoked malts.
Classic dry Hefeweizen is an award-winning beer. Its pale gold colour is naturally clouded with yeast. It mesmerises with its unusual and pleasant smell with ripe bananas, cloves and delicate vanilla. Delicious and subtle, slightly acidulous taste with a touch of fruit and grass in the background completes the harmony of experiences.
  • Zawartość alkoholu: 4,5 % obj.
  • Ekstrakt: 12,0 % wag.
  • Słód: Pszeniczne, Pilzeński, Caraplis, Sauermalz, Cara
  • Chmiel: Spalter Select
  • Drożdże: WB 06
  • Metoda warzenia: piwo górnej fermentacji
Full and smooth beer of black colour and exceptional roasted taste. The addition of oat gives it cream texture thanks to which the pleasant, mild coffee with cream flavour stays long in the mouth.
  • Zawartość alkoholu: 4,3 – 5,0 % obj.
  • Ekstrakt: 12, 5% wag.
  • Słód: Pale ale, Caraaroma, Prażony jęczmień, Carafa, Caramunsch, płatki owsiane
  • Chmiel: Hallertaauer tradition
  • Drożdże: US 04
  • Metoda warzenia: próg górnej fermentacji
Light refreshing witbier of light colour offers complex bouquet of flavour and smell. The aroma is dominated by coriander and bitter orange peel that are used for brewing. Higher gas content and pleasant sweetness quench thirst perfectly. Witbier’s foam is white, creamy and tearing.
  • Zawartość alkoholu: 5,0 % obj.
  • Metoda warzenia: piwo dolnej fermentacji.
Full-bodied beer presenting the multitude of flavours possible to obtain thanks to a unique composition of malt.
  • Zawartość alkoholu: 7,2% obj.
  • Ekstrakt: 17, 5% wag.
  • Słód: Caraaroma, Caramunsch, Pilzeński, Carared, Sauermalz,
  • Chmiel: Marynka, Hallertauer tradition
  • Drożdże: W34/70
  • Metoda warzenia: piwo dolnej fermentacji
Dark golden beer of top fermentation derived from unique German brewing tradition. It stands out with its fruity hop smell, delicate taste of malt and intense gentian at the finish.
  • Zawartość alkoholu: 5,3 % obj.
  • Ekstrakt: 13, 5% wag.
  • Słód: Pale ale, Caramunch, Melandoldowy, Caramuch
  • Chmiel: Saphir
  • Drożdże US 05
  • Metoda warzenia: piwo górnej fermentacji
This beer is for anyone who likes the intensive gentian flavour. A perceptible characteristic gentian in its taste remains long after consumption. In the flavour, the sweetness is interwoven with a touch of grass. The power of experience and perfectly shaped durable foam complete the picture of a truly male beer.
  • Zawartość alkoholu: 5,3 % obj.
  • Ekstrakt: 13, 5% wag.
  • Metoda warzenia: piwo dolnej fermentacji
Typical Bavarian-type of beer of a deep amber colour and dense foam in off-white colour. You can smell a banana and clove in the aroma and taste clear notes of grain, caramel and toffee. The whole is finished with a pinch of German hops of gently citrus profile. Majer dunkelweizen is a firmly refreshing, smooth beer with pleasant creamy completeness.
  • Drożdże US 04
  • Metoda warzenia: piwo górnej fermentacji.
The beers presented are only some of the kinds that we brew.
Our everyday offer also includes: Majer lager, Majer weizen, Majer stout and one extra kind that we change with every brewing.

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